Hello 2016

2015 is a memorable year. Several core friends who have been lost for years resumed contact. I developed a few habits, fitness, diary writing, reading, and most importantly, talking.

I was a very shinny guy. The past record of peroid I take in touch with a girl, well, intentionally frequent, was no more than two months, and the communicational quality was too bad to be memorized. It’s funny. But a girl I encountered in January, 2015 had been kept touch with me for more than ten months. I felt I was the lucky guy.

2015 is a fabulous year for me. Finally I found myself, the precious ego which has been frozen in my body for more than a decade. There should have no more barrier set by myself. Therefore, I need to praise myself to progress much faster as I am.

In 2016, I have a few things to do.

  1. to startup a job, including intern.
  2. to continue learning, including
    • front-end
    • php
    • android development
  3. to keep habits beneficial to me
    • fitness
    • reading
    • writing

Well, good Luck to Hao Dong!