Share - Create a Customized MOTD for Debian


MOTD is a term used in UNIX-like system. It stands for “Message of the Day”. Usually we encounter MOTD when login to a system locally or remotely through SSH.

Ubuntu has a pre-coded MOTD package, namely landscape-common. I firstly met it when using DigitalOcean’s machine. It’s quite smart in which I can get multiple useful reports from.

Debian, however, is lacking of a similar program currently. No longer. Thanks to Nick Charlton and Dustin Kirkland, now we can add a set of MOTD in Debian system. I personally added two additional features to it.

  1. Let it show public IP address.
  2. Make it colorful.

Here are how it looks like:


You can install it by using the following code:
wget - | sh

Enjoy! :)


  1. Debian/Ubuntu: Dynamic MOTD
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