Hello 2017

I usually read books, while rarely ask myself why to do so? Books contain a host of knowledge that can excite neuro-circuits within brain. I’ve been always feel helpless when facing the milky constellation and and so so so poor that almost lacking impetus to move forward. What’s the purpose, the meaning of my life? I used to be sick whenever sink into contemplation of this question. No longer.

Each species has its own purpose on earth since its existence. In short, they are all containers and transmitters of solar energy. Human being is one of exceptions in which we bear the weight of cultures too. Due to the natural complexity of the universe and the varied level of thinking ability of human, most facts are submarine in order to eliminate extra time of explaination to someone by and for others. Time is money, and the later is the Genearl Equivalents, or say Everything in short. As a process of long struggling, a pyramid system of stratums emerged, people live from the top to the bottom.

  1. People who stand at the top can see everything clearly about the nature and make use of them to satisfy their ambitions.
  2. People who live in the middle can discern differential aberrant phenomenons between their superior and inferior and make use of the different information to achieve their desire.
  3. People who born on the bottom can see everything clearly within themselves and make use of them to satisfy their living.

Ignorance brings Illusion, Knowledge brings Reality, Wisdom brings Freedom.

Freedom is an adjective and an antithetic of Extreme. It won’t exist independently. One’s freedom is based on the cost of other’s extreme. The poor can say whatever they want without worrying about the others at the cost of poor, the rich cannot say whatever they want without disturbing others for the reason of rich. But the poor can bearly think or achieve things out of their routines for the reason of poor, the rich however can think whatever they want and make almost everything they want to be true at the cost of their rich treasure.

In conclusion, time is something much valuable than life. Medicine can prolong one’s life, but there’s no time-machine.

New year is coming up, let’s save some time to our Neuro Bank (Yes, time is a sense of the product of neuro network) and become NB (Tree New Bee).